10 Strategies To Survive Holiday Dinners

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If you are anything like me, you love the holidays. It’s time you get to spend with friends and family. The air is filled with fresh pine. The lights glisten on the tree. It’s just amazing. It’s like being in a lifetime holiday movie. Maybe a little less cheesy.

Unfortunately, I also dread all the calories that will be looming on the table, screaming “Eat Me”! No gingerbread cookies, thank you.

I’ve been preparing for the Christmas holiday since thanksgiving dinner. I wake up at five in the morning for my HIIT workouts five days a week. My diet is on point. I’ll even workout Christmas to burn those last minute calories before the big dinner. Why? Christmas is also my birthday. I’m not turning down my traditional birthday sweet potato pie.

Below, I’ve included 10 simple strategies you can use to survive the holidays. The point is to enjoy yourself while making smart & healthy choices. Later this week, I will also share my Christmas workout on Instagram.

  1. Don’t Leave the House hungry
    • Before  you  head  out  for  your  holiday  event,  make  sure  you  fill  yourself  up  with  something  healthy,  like  a  big  salad,  protein  shake  or  just  some  fruit  and  veg.  This  way  you  will  most  likely  avoid  mindless  snacking  at  the  party.
  2. Listen to your body
    • “Are you really  hungry? Do  you  need  more?”  Be  aware  of  your  body  signals,  especially  your  hunger.  If  you  feel  a  hunger  pang,  wait  another  30-60  minutes  to  make  sure  it  is  the  real  hunger  and  not  just  a  craving.
  1. Plan Beforehand
    • When  going  to  a  festive  party  or  event  make  a  detailed  plan  for  what  you  want  to  allow  yourself  to  eat/drink  and  place  limits  for  yourself.  For  example,  plan  to  eat  one  portion  of  protein  with  vegetables,  one  dessert,  and  two  drinks.  Or  limit  yourself  to  two  plates  and  two  glasses.  A  plan  will  make  you  aware  of  the  urge  to  overeat / overdrink.
  2. Don’t settle by the food table
    • Don’t  eat  just  because  others  are  eating.  Make  sure  you  don’t  just  pick  up  snacks from  the  table.  If  you  eat,  always  take  what  you  want  onto  a  plate  and  from  there  follow  the  50%  rule.
  1. 50% Rule
    • Eat  only  50%  of  what  is  on  your  plate,  and  then  assess  if  you  need  more.  If  you  don’t  feel  full,  then  eat  another  50%  of  what  is  left  on  your  plate  and  so  on. 
  2. Stop when 80% Full
    • You  don’t  need  to  finish  everything  that  is  on  your  plate,  follow  the  50%  rule  and  stop  when  you  feel  80%  full. 
  3. Log What you Eat
    • If  the  80%  or  50%  rule  doesn’t  work  for  you,  then  log  what you  eat.  This  way  you  will  be  aware  of  the  number  of  calories  and  macronutrients  you  are  consuming  throughout  the  event. Two calorie tracker apps you can check out are Myfitnesspal and Cronometer.
  4. Eat Slowly
    • Savor  every  bite  you  take  and  chew  up  to  15  times  per  mouthful.  Eating  slowly  will  make  sure  your  brain  has  time  to  receive  the  ‘full-up’  signal  from  your  stomach.
Glass of Water
  1. Drink Water
    • Make  sure  to  always  have  a  glass  of  water  with  you,  refilling  it  during  the  event/party.  This  great  habit  will  not  only  keep  you  hydrated  and  help  you  avoid  the  hangover,  but  it  will  also  keep  your  stomach  fuller.
  2. No Guilt Treats
    • Allow  yourself  to  have  what  you  want.  This  doesn’t  mean  mindless  eating  but  treating  yourself  without  guilt  to  something  you  like  or  crave.  Choose  wisely  and  enjoy  every  bite.

I hope these simple strategies help you to get through Christmas and New Year’s. Comment below if you have your own strategies.

Happy Holidays!




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