Perfect Frittata Dish

Whether you’re trying to pull a grand breakfast of a swift dish, this Frittata recipe is a sure-fire way to brighten up your day with the creamy textures and breath-taking aromas.

6 Tips for Keeping off the Extra Weight during Vacation

Photo by Isaac Quesada on Pexels.com The world is opening back up and we as humans have this desire or need to make up for all the socializing we did not do during the pandemic. What we don't have a desire for is putting on weight during vacation. For example, I've...


If you’ve got a movie night ahead and you don’t have a snack on mind, try out our spicy and sweet popcorn. They’re crispy and savory just as the name goes.

Healthy Farro Salad with Greek Chicken

Looking for great salad option with plenty of flavor and fiber? This is an easy meal prep option for lunch or dinner. Enjoy!

Black Bean Omelet

Black Bean Omelet

10 Min433041g24g8gCheck out this delicious southwestern-style breakfast. It's packed with protein and a perfect start...