Caution: Bumpy Road Ahead

by May 12, 2019Workouts

Two months ago I was blessed with my second little monster, King. I called him a ninja kicking alien during my entire pregnancy. Motherhood is hard. These little blessings literally suck the life out of you, transform your body into a puddle of mush and then expect you not to sleep once they make their grand entrance into the world. Then there is the whole topic of postpartum depression. Stay with me, I’m getting to my point. Life is hard, raising another human being is challenging and while being supermom your body becomes completely neglected. Its time to stand up! Drink a cold, vanilla protein shake and start moving!

When I said there was a bumpy road ahead, literally, all those beautiful humps and lumps are just waiting to be reshaped and tightened up. Ten weeks postpartum and I’m addicted to putting on a pair of my pre-baby weight jeans every morning. Does it fit yet?! I can squeeze into them! Ha! So then I pick up my little King and we start squatting away.

I’ve incorporated other exercises as well to get my muscles firing efficiently and restrengthen my core because who wants their abs splitting back open, after all the work trying to get them back together? Also known as Diastasis Recti. It doesn’t even sound fun. So here is my list of current exercises:

  • Bridges 2 Sets 1 min hold
  • Marching 1 Set Marching in place for 1 Min
  • Bird dogs 2 Sets 15 Reps, Alternating sides
  • Fire hydrants 2 Sets of 15 reps on each side
  • Weighted Squats 2 sets 15 reps

Take a break, go shopping and grab a pair of leggings that actually fit your newly amazing superhero body. Now feel the burn!



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