Chest Day Workout on a Tuesday

by Jul 25, 2019Workouts

I’d like to share my Tuesday experience with you for a few reasons. One, I really needed motivation to workout since I hadn’t in an entire week. Two, I’m trying to accept my body for what it is now and not how slim it use to be. Three, I’m realizing just how important my exercise programming is postpartum.

Last week, I worked on legs and back. It was the first time since being in the gym that I fully trained with a warm-up, core engaging exercise, compound and accessory work, cool down, and foam rolling! I put together a complete workout and I was beat.

I knew I had to train this week. With so many things scheduled and picking up extra shifts at work, I dreaded staying any longer than I had to. However, I always remind myself that my wardrobe still doesn’t fit. I also focus on the Nike slogan.



It is all about the mindset. Make all the excuses you want. Get them out of way and then stopping thinking and do it! I clocked out and got to work! I work at a gym by the way.

Here is my Tuesday Workout:

When I put my workouts together, I try to remember that I can’t do the same spartan movements that I use to do. I also can’t move the same way because It’s time for less fitting workout clothing. I am just being honest with you all and myself. My body has completely forgotten what cardio is, so I have to take it easy on the conditioning exercises or my workout will be done before I even begin.

I pushed the sled down the 25 yard indoor track and pulled it backwards down those same 25 yards, only to be out of breath my first try. I took a break and then completed it two more times. By then, my heart rate was thru the roof. I proceeded with the cable work which went pretty well. After a few sets of side step-ups my knees started to weaken. However, It was an achievement because several weeks prior, I would have given up on step-ups after the third set.

Lastly, I proceeded with the bench press. I did my warm-up sets with no problem. As I continued with my heavier sets, the weights grew heavier and my breaths were more dramatic. Breathe in and huff puff out. As I took to the mat to finish up with bear crawls, I new this would be like fighting dragons, difficult. Left arm, right foot, right arm, left foot and POW! I pulled my hip flexor. What does that mean? It means that my abdominals weren’t strong enough to bear the burden of my heavy behind and that my hip flexors tried to take over.

That also means, even though I included core in every workout, I’m not doing enough of it. It feels like it takes so long for my core to wake up after being stretched out for so long. I just want my abs back! So do more ab work Cherry! I know, as I hang my head down slowly. I’m definitely ready to get to the crazy workouts, but setting my foundation has to take priority.

Tomorrow is another day and another ab workout for me. Be sure to keep an eye out for my next ab workout. It’ll be fun! I promise. Mwahaha!

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