Chunky Monkey Moringa Shake

by May 13, 2019Herbs & Medicines, Recipes

I’ve been all over the place lately. I’m ready to go on a calorie deficit so I can lose all the baby weight. Losing weight while breastfeeding is a tricky subject. You still have to have adequate nutrients or risk depriving your body of what it needs in order to feed the little munchkin.

To keep up my supply of milk I did a little bit of research and found Moringa. I bought the powder and made a quick tea with some honey. It wasn’t bad, but a bit chalky. The powder stuck to the cup, made a mess and most of it sank to the bottom of the cup only to be wasted after I drank the liquid part.

All of a sudden, I had an idea why not add protein? A protein shake in the morning is the perfect breakfast. The protein takes longer to digest so it keeps you satisfied and energized throughout a busy morning. So we are trying a chocolate banana Moringa Shake.

Chunky Monkey Moringa Shake

8 oz Milk

2 Tsp Cocoa

1 Large Scoop Peanut Butter

1 Banana

1 Tsp Moringa Powder

2 Scoops of Chocolate Protein

1 cup Ice

Add all ingredients to Blender. Mix until smooth. Enjoy!

It was sooooo delicious! Like a Reeses Peanut Butter cup. The banana hid the veggie taste of the moringa pretty well. I’ve had my desert for today, but I can’t wait to satisfy my sweet tooth again with another shake combo. YUMMM!!



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