Happy Thanksgiving!!!

by Nov 29, 2019Adventures

I figured I had nothing else to do for the holiday morning, so I volunteered to work. Only I find out that I’d be working the entire shortened day, pretty much by myself.

To me Thanksgiving is another holiday to spend with family. My family is my everything. They are my friends, my guidance, my homes away from home. If I didn’t have them my year would have ended quite differently. You can catch up on the tea here.

This morning, people are in the holiday spirit. I got a few extra tips, free coffee from a member, and a few thank yous for being here today. It really put a smile on my face. I’m grateful to work in place filled with some amazing people. A place that makes me feel at home.

I’m grateful for my beautiful son who is in good health, full of love, cheer and energy.

I’m grateful to be able-bodied, of almost sound mind (keeping it real), and always learning new things I can share with you all.

Enjoy your holiday. Eat plenty of turkey (notice I didn’t say dessert). Appreciate the time you have with friends and love ones!

Feel free to comment and share what you’re thankful for or your plans for the day. Going out to eat or working in the kitchen? Or maybe just having dessert with all the family? I just learned that’s a thing…

I’m going to get some of this apple crisp! Cherry out!



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