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by May 10, 2020Adventures

I had the pleasure of being invited to speak with an old friend of mine on his podcast, “Don’t Argue with Me”. If you haven’t heard it yet, you’ve been missing out. Dawson and Black are the products of their environment giving the scoop on what the neighborhood wants to hear. From music, drank and the enigma of women to local music, art and business, they talk about the ugly truths and hilarious silver linings. Nothing is off limits.

Quarantine has definitely thrown off life as we know it. However, our health is more important than ever right now. I planned on visiting Miami in march, but the news scared me into cancelling my ticket at the last minute. I decided to focus on featuring more workout videos on my social media and offering online personal training. For workout ideas follow me on Instagram here.

The isolation has given me time to revamp my website, think of new ideas for the future of Cherry G Fitness and to heal from a lot of pain and depression from somewhat recent events.

Please cut me a tiny bit of slack since this is my first podcast. I was nervous. Listening back to it, I know that I could have shared more helpful information with you all. I hope that I can share more with you in future talks. My friends always remind me that I have a story to tell. I hope that my story can in some way help others become there very best selves.

I also mentioned supporting local businesses. This is something that is so important to me. In the picture below, I am wearing a “ImLivinB” hoodie. Its the warmest hoodie I own right now. Check out this Buffalo, NY based business here.

I hope you enjoy the podcast. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a comment below!

Cherry G.



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