6 Tips for Keeping off the Extra Weight during Vacation

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The world is opening back up and we as humans have this desire or need to make up for all the socializing we did not do during the pandemic. What we don’t have a desire for is putting on weight during vacation. For example, I’ve been to Texas twice this year. I’ll be headed out for my third and final trip pretty soon. During my past trips, I picked restaurants that had healthier options and I stuck to a couple shots, literally, for the night life. Like I said, It’s a need to socialize.

So during all this traveling, you are going to have fun and I’m sure there will be some amazing food involved. You’ll probably indulge in the fine dining and forget all about your calorie count for the day. Below are some tips to use on your vacation, so you wont have to play catch up and regret throwing the scale out the window when you get back.

Stay Hydrated

Need I say more about this? During your trip, your foods will most like be heavily salted, cooked in processed oils, or full of hidden sugars and fats. You may be eating more processed foods in general. These foods tend to cause bloating, inflammation, and water retention.

Make your goal to drink a gallon of water a day or your body-weight in ounces.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is eating all your meals within a certain time frame. There are many ways to create time frames but I suggest finding one that works for you. When do you usually eat your first meal? What times are you starving by? When are you busiest during the day?

I find the easiest and most popular time frame is 11 AM to 7 AM. It is an 8 hour period to eat all your meals and get all your calories for the day. Outside of that time frame your body is in a state of fasting. So when you wake up in the morning, your metabolism will be at its peak rate.

Eat two healthy meals

Have a goal to eat a couple healthy meals during the day. I recommend starting with breakfast. It sets the tone for the day. It will also keep you satiated longer, feeling great throughout the day and allow you to make smarter snack choices later on.

Be Active with Family & Friends

It’s so much fun to hangout with family and friends. Try incorporating active ideas throughout your vacation such as walks, hikes or flag football. You can also try walking to every destination or as much as possible. Whether you are keeping track of your steps or not, you will know you got some activity in for the day.

Chooze Booze Wisely

Let’s talk Alcohol! It may be an essential part of your trip or maybe not. Well I’m here to tell you many of your favorite drinks are full of hidden sugar. This also contributes to a hangover the next morning.

By drinking lighter drinks such as tonics, light beers, martinis, wine, spritzers, etc you are cutting down on the calories. Just remember “Light or Straight.”


I cannot stress enough the importance of rest. Did you see what I did there? No?

Anyways, sleep is so important because it affects your mood, stress levels, metabolism, hormonal balance, recovery, relationships with those around you, and other peoples sanity. You get the point. From the nutrition aspect, I mentioned metabolism, hormonal balance and recovery.

Without less than adequate amounts of sleep your body will start increase “the stress hormone”, cortisol. Cortisol contributes to weight gain. Also, your body wants to make up for not having enough sleep by craving more energy or carbs. This can lead to impulsive eating and eating more sugary snacks. Lastly, if you’ve been in the gym non-stop to look great for your vacation, you probably neglected the recovery aspect of working out. It’s important to take some time to sleep, relax, and just enjoy life!

Below are some more tips to keep you safe and healthy during travel. Just remember to drink plenty of water, stay active, have a goal to eat a few healthy meals and relax!! Your weight isn’t something you should fret over during vacation. Focus on healthy lifestyle habits instead. Enjoy Life! You only have one =)

10 Essential Tips for Travel. Keep the weight off.



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