My Tuesday 15 Minute Workout

by Jul 16, 2019Workouts

Good day all! I just wanted to write quickly a few thoughts of today. I say quickly, because to get anything done completely, I have to make like FLASH and move at the speed of light.

I haven’t quite adjusted to having two children yet. I admit it’s taken a toll on my psyche as well as my physique. Determined to workout this morning, I clocked out 5 minutes early, timed my drive from work to daycare, and got moving!

This 15 minute workout had my postpartum-self sweating and focused on breathing through it. It is a quick total body circuit. Since it was so quick, I didn’t have time to record it, so the illustrations will have to do it justice for today.

I started with my favorite, Bird Dogs, to get my core fired up.

Bird Dogs 20 Reps Alternating

Then, I added Reverse lunges, Bent over Row, and push-ups with rotations. The workout only required a barbell that was heavy enough to maintain for both the lunges and rows, so I went with 40 lbs. Complete all 4 exercise in a circuit style, rest for 1 minute and repeat.

  • Barbell Reverse Lunge 20 Reps Alternating
  • Barbell Bent-Over-Row 15 Reps
  • Push up with Rotation 10 Reps Alternating

Barbell Reverse Lunge

Barbell Bent-Over-Row

Push up with Rotation

Images by WorkoutLabs.com

I completed 2 rounds of all four exercises because I threw in 5 minutes of warming up on the elliptical. Generally, I try to aim for 3 to 4 rounds. It was still a great sweat and a chance to finally get a well needed workout in.

Taking time out of the day for yourself is so important, even if it’s just 15 minutes. If you can sit down for 15 minutes you can crank out some work as well.

Enjoy your day my loves!





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