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by Nov 5, 2019Mental Health, Workouts

Happy Monday! I’m trying very hard to create some new goals and restart some old ones. One of my goals is to post every or at least most Sundays.

As I was driving on my way to work today, I became lost in thought reflecting on the past week. It was actually a horrible week, but a few great conversations came out of it. It always starts with, “Are you a personal trainer?” Yes, I am. “Why aren’t you training here?” Several reasons including my focus on my personal fitness. Then the questions begin. Open the flood gates! “I’m pretty big, what should I do now?” “All these girls have big butts, what am I doing wrong?” “I know I should work out, but It’s boring!”


The first question that should be asked is what do I want to look like? Within reason of course. Being emaciated and 85 pounds so you can fit into a size zero is not healthy. Being big like the hulk at the average human height isn’t functional.

Do you want to lose weight, look cut up, put on muscle, grow a booty, get a six pack? It’s so much easier to make a plan with a solid goal in mind.


The second question is how do I get what I want. There are plenty of plans to try but you must do your research. You can also cut the time in half and find a personal trainer. The key is to develop a plan designed for your body that you enjoy.

In my last post, I mentioned that I really enjoy boxing. I want something that’s going to keep me moving and changing things throughout my workout. Another great way to keep it interesting is HIIT. Cardiovascular exercises and strength exercises all in one.

Here’s a quick HIIT booty workout to target a specific goal and keep you engaged. Combine all four exercises with little rest. Rest 1-2 minutes and repeat another round. The goal is to get several rounds in within 15 to 20 minutes. Typically I can finish 4 rounds within that time frame. If that isn’t possible, take as much time as you need and build the endurance. Enjoy!


15 to 20 Reps

Brace your core

Heels planted in the ground, Shoulder width apart, Feet pointed Forward

Sit your butt back

Push back up through the heels

Squeeze the glutes at the top of movement


15 to 20 Reps

Stand close to the box, Feet Forward, Hip width

Swing both arms up to pull you forward with momentum

Jump as high as possible

Land with both feet flat ontop of box in squat position

Step off box or jump back off with soft landing


20 to 30 Alternating Reps

Take a step back

Focus on dropping the back knee just above the floor

Drive back up through the front heel

Keep your core tight


50 Meters

  • Run tall or vertical
  • Run on the ball of your feet and drive through with the toes
  • Knees Up

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