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by Mar 23, 2020Workouts

I think it is day 7 of quarantine for me. Honestly, I want to say I’ve been busy focusing on self- development and progression. Nope. I’ve slept a lot! I’ve kept up with social media and did some grocery shopping. I recorded a few workouts. You can check them out on my instagram here.

Humans are so resourceful. We always find solutions in the face of adversity. Now that all non-essential businesses are closed, most have transferred online. One thing that I’ve noticed these past few days is that everyone is making online workout videos. Everyone has suddenly become a workout expert. Well kudos to you all!

There are plenty of workout challenges as well.  The pushup challenge. The squat challenge. The burpee challenge. The Fliptheswitch challenge (kidding!).

What are these challenges?

Typically, If you’re nominated for the challenge you complete 10 or 20 reps of the designated exercise, record it and nominate 10 others. So far, I’ve tried the squat challenge and the burpee challenge.

What do I love about the challenges? They get you off the couch or in my case out of the bed. It provides a source of accountabilty. It keeps you active in a sedentary environment filled with netflix, hulu, video games, cell phones and computers. Most importantly, it gives you a feeling of inclusion in the fitness community. 

The Burpee Challenge

You can also get really creative with challenges. You can do more advanced versions of simple body-weight exercises, such as single-leg burpees. But if your looking to add equipment, I recommend adding bands such as Letsfit Resistance Bands. You can incorporate weights, jump ropes, or even weighted vests easily found on amazon.

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest

The Squat Challenge

Not that the last video has anything to do with the first three challenges but the #fliptheswitch challenge has definitely kept me entertained the last few days.

#FliptheSwitch Challenge

I hope that you are doing well during this troubling time. If you’re part of our healthcare, grocery, monetary businesses, Thank you so much! We will get through this! Stay safe & Stay home!

Have you tried any challenges this past week? Share your ideas or links in the comments below! And don’t forget to follow so you can get alerts for new posts and my new eBook coming soon!


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  1. Hailey

    What a fun way to keep yourself accountable while we’re all stuck at home. Love the challenges!


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