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Walking out of the airport terminal was literally a breath of fresh air on Wednesday evening. Two flights carried me from Buffalo to Charlotte and finally to Houston, Texas. The plane was filled with coughing, crying babies, and flight attendants constantly walking back and forth. It was all worth it for my vacation. My trip so far has been filled with tons of driving and adventures. Family, food, dancing, and personal maintenance. 


First we went to grab some Thai food. I was a little bit “hangry”. Yes, it’s in the dictionary. Everything on the menu looked amazing. After some serious deliberation, I chose the pineapple curry with chicken. It had a Thai red curry sauce with tomatoes, bell peppers, pineapple, and fresh basil in coconut milk. I ordered some honey ginger tea along with Hot Sake. It was delicious! We walked around one of smaller malls in Houston, Willowbrook Mall, just before closing.


I slept in till about nine when it was time to get ready for my pole dancing class. I was so excited, because I had been looking at locations in Buffalo for months. It was finally my time to shine! Well I don’t know if I did or not, but the instructor said I was a natural. The day flew by as my God Sister/ride or die chick/ childhood friend and I made quick stops around houston, to the house, grocery, etc. I’ve come to realize that half the day is spent driving.

Music by Impervious Reign

That afternoon, we went to The Woodlands Mall. It was huge! We only explored a quarter of it. I finally got my oreo cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory! There are locations all over the country but I resisted for two years before mother nature got the best of me. I deserved it. We planned on going to the gym but at that point the exhaustion settled in.

We made our last stop of the day at the Moo House Cafe. My God Sister raved about Boba Tea. You can make your pick of teas or smoothies with little flavored jellies. I tried so many of the Boba’s before deciding on my coconut, pineapple smoothie. Some of them were pretty good while others were oddly flavored or too gooey. I also bought a Chai Tea. It was made differently then I was use to with some type of syrup. I will stick to my Chai tea bags and milk from now on.


This morning was exciting to say the least. We drove in circles around the rental car center trying to figure where to go. It was different then any rental location I’d ever gone to. Once we figured it out, they let me pick any car I wanted. Sadly, I should have gone with the corvette but I was trying to make a smart decision, so I went with the Kia Optima. I will give it 3 stars because I was missing my coveted heated seats. Three Stars.

I so desperately needed my nails done after snapping one in half. Thank you to the 45-lb plate resting easy at the gym right now. I walked out of the nail salon feeling like a new person! 

You can witness the lack of rhythm that I have suffered my whole childhood and adult life on my Youtube if you dare. We stopped by the Project Move Dance Studio. Mr. Bryant was a great instructor and we had so much fun. With the help of my God family I learned a few moves. It was a group effort. I might be ready for “Dancing with the Stars”. 

Lastly we stopped at Smoothie King for their $5 smoothies. Vegan protein, Peanut butter, dates, almond milk, cocoa and bananas. It was around 600 calories but I couldn’t finish it so probably more like 400 calories for me. It was really good. Vegan protein can be a pain for consistency.

Tomorrow is another day and I have a few more on my vacation. Stay tuned for TEXAS PART 2 & 3. Have a great weekend ya’ll! YEEHA!



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