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WARNING: This post is not for the faint of heart.

I’ve been working or cleaning since I got home. New apartment, loads of dirty laundry and a full to-do list. So please forgive me because there is sooo much to tell you. Let’s talk about Dallas, Texas.

Let me just say that I stayed in downtown Dallas so my impression might be skewed. It was amazing! The architecture, the highways, the malls, the clubs. I loved it! And the best part was meeting another part of my apparently gigantic family.

Day 1

Let me rewind and start with the drive from Houston. We, as in Shana and I, left just after 6 AM and the cars were slowly starting to pile onto the highways. As we drove farther from the city the traffic disappeared. Surrounded by green prairie and fences, the only people on Route 45 were driving at 95 mph.

We arrived in downtown Dallas around 10 AM and decided to tour the mall before meeting my family for brunch. The mall was four stories high with a ice rink and a christmas tree to put all other trees to shame. I had never seen anything like it and officially decided it was time to get out of Buffalo more often.

It had all of my favorite stores! We walked around for a bit and got lost before ending up at the Grand Luxe Cafe. It wasn’t a cafe at all. It was more like a huge palace or a pretty Cheesecake Factory.

I was determined to get a Mimosa and I did! A blood orange mimosa was the perfect excuse to drink first thing in the morning. Of course, I was monitoring my diet in preparation for my photoshoot a few days later. I ordered the Veggie Omelette.

We took a few photos, exchanged stories, and established the family tree lines. I learned a lot about my cousins. I have to call out my cousin Pam. She is Dope! The energy surrounding that woman was spectacular!

We went shopping for bodysuits I could wear for my photos. Between Pam, Shana, and my favorite cousin in the whole world, Shifa, I felt like I had an entourage. Between their pickings and my ambition, we picked some pieces that leave little to the imagination.

We headed back to the hotel. I curled up in a ball convinced that my body was too tired to go out that night. But luckily, I had Shana to drag me out the bed and down to the hotel bar. After a sour amaretto my night was lit. We were ready to go!

We had one last pit-stop to make. To Walgreens for makeup! I was not going to be the only one, walking in a barely lit bar, where I met exactly no one, without makeup on. You heard right, it was wasted time.

The Free Man Cajun Cafe & Lounge was amazing. It was separated into two settings. One had a 1930’s jazz feel and everyone was dancing. We found a table right in front of the stage on the other side with more current based music.

Although I wanted to bar hop, we ordered food, drinks, and listened to Bree and the Fellas til 2AM. I ordered the Voodoo Chicken Sandwich, sweet potato fries and a drink with rum. I don’t know what was in any of it, but if I had to choose my last meal that might be it.



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