The D’Tour Experience

by Jul 7, 2019Adventures

Yesterday as I rushed from work to the event, I was so nervous. I will admit I was speeding on the way there. I’m positive the cops ran my plates but decided not to pull me over. Whew! God had my back!

Don’t try to be what you’re not. If you’re nervous, be nervous. If you’re shy, be shy. It’s cute.

Adriana Lima

So I made sure my Pandora playlist was set, my speech was on point, and I had my workout written down. Can you tell this is my first time being in an event as a trainer? I have to say I had a really great time! I want to thank my pops, my second dad, the one I go to for advice, for incorporating me in the event.

The D’Tour is an experience that showcases local artists with disabilities. These artists let nothing stop them from displaying their talents and inspiring those around them. Like the artists LEGENDARY who has a gift for spoken word. Born at 2lbs and living with cerebral palsy, he wasn’t suppose to make it this far in life but he has chosen to use his talents. Don’t you feel inspired already? I do!

My pops, S’wayne C.O.P.D., is a rapper and B-Bopper and the creator of the D’Tour. Twenty-one years ago he was told he would never be understood again when he talked. Let me tell you, he is amazing! He has made several albums, has toured across the states, and continuously does events to showcase amazing talent.

So whats my tiny part in all this? I had my son King 4 months ago. Since day 1 of knowing I was pregnant, I decided that I would jump back in the saddle as soon as I was physically possible. I wanted my body back. I wanted to wear my clothes again. I wanted to feel like myself again. Most importantly, I wanted to motivate others and let people know its possible to do anything you put your mind to.

“Cherry Fitness”, “Dynomite Soul”, “GOODNE$$”, “Shermarion”, “Bridgett”, “Ruthy”, “Lengendary” and “Sherman!!!

Don’t we look amazing! I met some amazing artists! And I feel so blessed to have shared a moment with them. Here is a snippet of what I presented Saturday evening and you can find the full video on my Youtube.



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