The Problem with Inaction

by Dec 6, 2020Adventures, Mental Health

Do you know one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to healthy living?

Not taking action. 

You want to do it. 

You are thinking about doing it. 

You are not sure if you are ready. 

Taking no action leads to no change. Take imperfect action. 

Stumble along the way.

Failure is feedback. 

Maybe you want to lose weight and decided to cut out tacos. Creating a meal plan and having healthier alternatives for tacos are great ways to take action. Even if you find yourself at Tacobell a week later, you took action. My weakness is chocolate chip cookies so you might have found me at Wegmans. They have the best cookies.

Maybe you have decided to add more exercise to your life by including a 30 minute walk, 5 days a week. Something unexpected comes up and you have to allocate your time for exercise to something else or you just didn’t wake up early enough. There is no need to worry. Luckily, there are seven days in a week so make it a mission to get one extra day of walking scheduled.

How does this apply to bigger goals?

Let me tell you a story.

I remember my first day as a personal trainer at LA Fitness. I was ready to venture out into the career world. I walked in the gym in all black. I was ready to find my first client. My director had another idea. He walked me over to the cable machine and asked me to show him a cable exercise.

I suddenly went into fight or flight mode. Every thought in my head disappeared and I ended up doing some weird version of an ab cable crunch. I was embarrassed. I was sure the other people around me were laughing to themselves.

He sent me home with a ton of homework to do that night. I put together different types of programs and learned a variety of exercises. I came back the next work day ready to show that I was willing to put in the effort. I was willing to learn, improve, and would not be embarrassed like that again.

I spent years trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life by going to college, nursing school and trying different jobs. Although I always knew I loved fitness I was scared to take the leap, until I finally just went for it. I definitely stumbled along the way but it was worth it to be where I am now.

Don’t sit on the fence when you could jump off and change your life!

Next month I’m hosting an Envision & Sip Virtual Event! We are taking action and planning success. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to relax with a glass of wine, let the creativity flow, and glue the next steps in your life on paper!

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P.S. What are some actions you’ve decided to take? Do you have something holding you back? Let’s talk about it! Comment below.




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