Herbal Tea Talk: Goldenseal & The Spring Change

by May 20, 2019Herbs & Medicines

We all know when the change happens from winter to spring. You can feel it in the air. You notice it as the sun rises earlier each morning. Unfortunately, with that change comes runny noses, colds, and allergies. You know its coming and there isn’t too much you can do about it except to try and armor up. We stock up on the mucinex, and cold medicines. The tissues or toilet paper pile up in the trash can. And please, don’t forgot the allergy medicine!

Well last week my son brought home a pretty hefty cough and niagara falls running down his face. (I mean snot if you were wondering). So I made him tea, changed his bedding and lysol’d everything! My fiance becomes the next person to catch the germs, only his was much worse. Four days of sniffles, coughing, aches and fever. I’m just thankful it wasn’t the flu.

Now, today I’m sick. Sore throat and my ear aches, but I will not let this beat me! I have three testosterone filled beings to take care of. So i’ve been sipping on Hibiscus tea with my favorite herbal remedy everrr!! Drum roll please…. GOLDENSEAL.

Now normally I buy the capsules, break them open, and make tea. However, after visiting my local health food store i found liquid goldenseal and echinacea! The power couple you’ve been waiting for folks. What is goldenseal you say?

It is a orangeroot in the buttercup family with medicinal properties said to cure everything from pnuemonia and infections to cancer. The herb is believed to contain anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrheal, antibacterial, and immune system-enhancing properties. It usually comes in capsules or tea often combined with echinacea.



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